30 January 2007

Meeting of the Port Macquarie Book Society

The fortnightly, sometimes weekly, bookclub convened today. There are just the two of us so it's not really a bookclub, but that's how Kerri-Ann and I met...trying to establish a 'real' bookclub here in the cultural wilderness of Port Macquarie.

The local library has a weekly get-together which they call a bookclub, but it's not. It's tragic. They choose a 'topic' to read around every month and then meet up to report back to the group on what they've read -- no, they don't read the same book. Here's the topics for the rest of this year:

March 6Dare to be different
April 3 Canada
May 1 We Live and Learn
June 5 Prize Winner
July 3 Hobbies
August 7 Book group
September 4 The ABC of Audio Books
October 2 Author in common - Paullina Simons
November 6 Stone the Crows - Australian Humour

I mean, I'm tempted to go along just to discover which books they come up with for the "dare to be different" category. Worshipping the Anti-Christ for Beginners? Bondage and Humiliation in the Mid-Northcoast. More like Racey Scrapbooking for Adventurous Pensioners.

So anyway, there was a note on the library noticeboard that promised a real bookclub. One where people go wild and actually read the SAME book and discuss it. Of course, it turned out that this bookclub only had one existing member -- the note-writer, Kerri-Ann. I was the only person who'd responded to her ad in six months. So we met up for coffee and chatted about books for a couple of hours. So that's what we do now -- talk about what we're reading, what courses we want to do next, the dearth of culture in Port Macquarie (that's a long conversation).

This week we met up at the Rainforest Cafe. It was a steamy day so was nice to sit out under the towering trees, and not eucalypts for a change. We both had a smoked salmon caesar followed by a cakey thing. (Kerri-Ann's already blogged about this so you can read her version of events here).

By some curious coincidence there was actually a koala high in a tree by the wooden walkway leading up the cafe. It was fast asleep as is usual. There aren't too many eucalypts in the rainforest so it must have been drawn in by the heat.

Seeing this one made me miss my koalas at the hospital. Tomorrow there's koala handling and rescue training so I'll get my koala dose a day earlier than usual.