09 June 2014

Lesbian mothers

Wow, crazy. My thoughts on what it means to be lesbian mothers have been published here at Mamamia!

Feeling quite as progressive as the Disney Channel!

01 March 2007

Koalawrangler blog

For the koala-related posts, see Diary of a Koalawrangler.

18 February 2007

Fishing at Dunbogan

Fishing at Dunbogan
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D___ and I went fishing in Dunbogan today. Dunbogan is so peaceful. It's the sleepy town that Dunbogan Val, one of the koalas at the Koala Hospital hailed from.

I should clarify: when I say D___ and I went fishing, well she went fishing while I:

* read Cloudstreet
* ate mango
* drank Japanese green tea
* took photos

Although I was frequently called into service as first mate (read: lackey), fetching fishing nets here, bait there, hooks here again.

We set up fold-up chairs on a little jetty thing which allowed me to read and D___ to fish, side-by-side. We could see the cloud rolling in over the mountain (North Brother, I think) which brough the rain, followed by sun.

D____ caught two bream in quick succession, both keepers, but I made her throw them back since we wouldn't get a chance to eat them. You should have seen the mutinous look in her eyes, as if to say: "I caught it so I'm sure as hell gonna kill it and eat it!". Not the kind of barbarity I would expect from an executive, but there you go. Fortunately, she finally came around to my way of thinking on the matter.

Fishing at Dunbogan
After a bit, we moved up the river and then drove to a place called Trevor's Corner. It's where the river meets the ocean. Just as we arrived there, we were afforded the gorgeous vista of a pod of dolphins arcing through the water towards the sea. They were merely a stone's throw from us. It all happened too fast too take a photo. It was magical.

Fishing at Dunbogan

15 February 2007

Pandora's box

one of my beads: amethystI got quite the Valentine's surprise yesterday... D___ presented me with a swank jewellery box with "Pandora" written on it. Inside was a pinkish muslin draw-string bag, and inside that, a funky charm bracelet from/by Pandora.

Pandora Charm Bracelets are an American phenomemon that I was till yesterday unaware of. You choose a base bracelet and then add individual beads chosen from a vast selection. There are beads adorned with Murano glass, jewel-encrusted beads, ornate silver beads, and, yes if you like, dorky beads in the shape of mobile phones or teddy bears or handbags...

The American site has a bracelet builder that allows you to choose the beads you want and see them strung on your bracelet.

The ones that D___ chose for me were all silver, my favourite. There was a bead for each of our star signs, and beads with Chinese symbols for love and eternity, commemorating our trip to China. There were also a couple of beads bedecked in amethyst...

D___ knew that I had a charm bracelet as a child; my parents collected charms for me from their travels around the world. This bracelet is a modern gesture to that. Wow, it's really beautiful, and so personal...and something I can continue to add to over time.

14 February 2007

Right on

I love the term "right on". It's so 70s...and yet so functional.

I also love Joanna Newsom's (no relation to Debbie) "The Book of Right-On" from her debut album The Milk-Eyed Mender. She accompanies herself with a harp of all things. There's a something of a Manson Family throwback about her. Check it out.